Class of 09

Class of 09

Ahmad Imad Fawwaz
Alaa Ali Jaber
Alaa Zahra
Ali Hamzeh El Safawi El Dirani
Aseel Zakariah Assi
Aya Nasser Al Joubaie
Bahaa Eddine Moustafa Zahra
Bayan Bilal Habli
Dana Zahra
Fadi Nazih Abo Zaher
Hadi Talal Abou Zeinab
Jad Mohamad Serhal
Jana Abdel Hakim Kayello
Khalil Ibrahim
Lara Adel Sakakini
Lara Nader Othman
Malak Mohamad Najib
Marwan Osama Otrok
Mohamad Ahamad Hariri
Mohamed Osama Bilani
Mohamed Jamal Salim Hammoud
Mohammad Adham Mamlouk
Mohammad Zarzour
Mohamad Talal El Haj Abdallah
Nazik Nizar Hariri
Ramez Ezzat Baassiri
Rami Bassam Kanso
Rana Jradi
Reem Wael Afifi
Ruba Mkari
Salam Mohamad Bayram
Sharihan Mahmoud Maalekji Akkawi
Wael Mohammad Sabeayoun
Wafa’a Ali El Akoum
Zakariah Nasser
Zeina Salaheddine Maatouk


Letter from the principal

Dear class of 2009,
Your teachers and I feel blessed to have known you during your time at H.H.H.S. you are a special group of young men and women who have fertile minds and caring hearts.
Your words in this year book witness that you have learned the power of words, and the enjoyment that comes when you apply your minds to a worthy task in creative ways, and how to be good friend.
During your time at H.H.H.S. we have tried to teach you and learn with you that the path to success lies in accepting challenges as opportunities for growth. This is why I strongly believe that your time at H.H.H.S. has made you brighter people and also better people.
And with your hearts and minds I know you will make a difference in our country and you will effect positive change in our world.
Let’s always remember that: A home is a home if it is visited hope is the pillar of happy life honor is the most prestigious human distinction.

Hanadi Jardaly Kotob
June 2009



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