Class of 10

Abdallah Roni Kareem El Haibeh
Adham mohieddine Sabeh Ayoun
Afaf Majed Rashidi
Afif Zahi El Charif
Ahmad Maher Atab
Ahmad Habli
Assile Mohamad Ali El Jardali
Aya Zakaria Misto
Bahaa-Eddine Ahmad Hathout
Bihan Mustafa Mawed
Bilal Nemr Kachoua
Chaza Yehia Kiwane
Dana Tarek Arkahdan
Dayana Najib El Sinn
Deem Yehia Samir El Osta
Fatene Jamal El Rawass
Fatima Abbass Khalifeh
Hibatallah Amain El-Bsat
Hisham Salah-Eddine Adu Saleh
Ihsan Imad Hatab
Israa Ahmad Sammoura
Izzat Mohammed Kiwan
Jamil Marwan Bitar
Joulnar Fawzat Akoum
Lama Ali Sanjar
Maher Ahmad Khalife
Majid Mohamed Serhal
Malak Nasser Joubaie
Malek Houssam Eddine Makkawi
Marwa Mohammad Sabeayon
Marwan Ghassan Saad
Mohamad Omar Al Halabi
Mohamad Adnan Badieh
Monther Filipp Mohammad Shibbou
Nour Abdel Kader Hemadeh
Noura Bashir Dimassi
Rafic Jihad El Bsat
Rawan Khaled El Amine
Sarah Mohamad Kechtban
Serena Rashid Bobo
Serina Chaouki Bsat
Shadi Ali Saleh
Siham Oussama Otrok
Souad Walid Hashisho
Souheil Ziad Saad El Masri
Tala Ezzat Baassiri


 Letter from the principal

Put Your Future in Good Hands – Yours!

Dear class of 2010
Be sure that I will miss you so much. Even though we say “c’est la vie”, but that does not change the fact that your leaving will leave memories that shall always stir my feelings and hurt my heart. Yes, your faces and motions will physically disappear, but it will take long to erase their marks. Only seeing you happy and succeeding will soothe my soul and lift up my heart.
No one will care about your future more than yourselves. So put your future in good hands; that is, yours. But never forget that you need lot of weapons to safeguard it. Education is most powerful, so keep on learning. It is the laser beams that will overcome the darkness overwhelming your path and the radar that will uncover the obstacles you will surely frequently face. Unless you believe in yourselves, nothing and no one can guide you through the tunnels of life, so lean on your souls. Overconfidence as well as lack of confidence, which are both the results of lack of knowledge, are destructive and will surely damage your future. Doing things to please others is good as long as it is not on your future’s account, so do what your hearts love and aspire, trying hard not to tread on the emotions of those who love you. And on your way when you stumble never give up but rather ponder and keep on walking.
Your future is the most that counts, so make sure you plan well and aim well. Poor planning and aiming means depending on luck; but how many of us are that lucky?! This sounds like theories that are never applied. Actually, it might be for the ordinary, but for the successful and distinct it is a premise.
Always remember that here at your Alma Mater we all love you and care for you; so never spare us the pleasure of sharing your great times. We will always be waiting for your visit to your school family as a member. Keep in touch.
God bless you.

Hanadi Jardaly Kotob

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